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Faith Tomlisson

Hi I’m Faith Tomlisson and I’m the baby of the bunch!

Growing up, I was lucky enough to live in Cyprus, Germany and Saudi Arabia, so I used to love coming home to the UK on holiday every year and listening to the radio!

I’ve always wanted to be a presenter, and moving to the UK and doing a week’s work experience when I was 17 fuelled the fire even more and put me in contact with Imagine Radio (so was well worth my very embarrassing first ever show). I’m also currently working towards my degree in Television & Radio at the University of Salford.

When I’m not on the radio or studying for uni, I usually spend my time either at the gym, cooking or binging a new Netflix show; and on my time off I love driving home to my family and 2 dogs.

Join me on Fridays, 7-11pm where I’m most likely talking about new TV shows or food!

Twitter/Instagram - @faithtomlisson

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